Synthesis Laboratory

Organic Synthesis laboratories are Anant are equipped with modern equipment. Laboratories are designed with energy saving concept and utilise maximum natural light. Adequet attention has been provided to the safety of people working in the lab.   

  1. 15 modern fume hoods
  2. Rotary evaporators
  3. 1Liter and 400mL Hydrogenation units
  4. Flash Chromatography instrument (Isco-Teledyne)
  5. Chilled water circulation system
  6. Set up for cryogenic temperature reactions (-20 to -70)

Analytical Laboratories

Analytical Laboratories at Anant are approved by FDA Maharashtra for GLP operation. Modern laboratory design ensures proper flow of samples and people. All instruments are calibrated  on schedule and maintained by authorised service personnel. Instruments in our analytical labs include and Agilent 6100 MS with 1290 HPLC system, HPLCs with different type of detectors (UV, VWD, PHOTO DIODE ARRAY ETC), GC-HS instrument, Autotitrator-KF instrument etc. Different Instruments are provided with dedicated labs to avoid cross contamination.