Custom Research

CUSTOM Research

Anant Pharmaceuticals was established with an aim to provide cost effective and accurate custom research services to the industry. Anant offers a wide spectrum of services in chemical research and organic synthesis. Our laboratories are equipped to handle complex organic chemistry. The organic chemistry team is expert in handling multistep synthesis. We offer solutions from process scouting, process optimization to product development. Save your valuable resources for actual product commercialization and handover the job of scouting and optimizing the synthesis to us. We will be happy to help you in carrying out the QBD studies designed by your experts.

  • FTE based Process Research
  • FTE based QBD studies
  • Route Scouting and development
  • Process validation and deviation studies

Custom synthesis

If you can draw a chemical structure, we will make it for you in the flask. We do Custom synthesis from milligrams to few kilograms. If you have a laboratory process or similar literature data we will take it further. Or else we can provide complete solution from retro synthesis of your desired structure to identify the route and define chemistry for the synthesis. We serve on FTE as well as gross cost model as per your convenience.
In any of the cases, confidentiality of your data will be our top priority along with strict adherence to timelines.


Impurity synthesis and identification is major activity at Anant. Our team has developed intense knowledge and understanding of the impurity synthesis process. Even though impurities are the major products we sale; we also undertake custom synthesis orders for synthesis impurities in gram levels. It is very important to understand the reaction parameters/mechanisms responsible for generation of specific impurity in a chemical reaction. Our team is well-versed with the mechanistic aspects of organic synthesis.