At Anant, we make and supply a variety of impurities and reference materials for use in quality control and development. Impurities derive from different sources as shown by the schematic below

Impurities that ultimately find their way in the final API originate from a number of sources. Impurities in raw materials and key intermediates are called KSM impurities. Impurities are generated during the various stages of a process come from degradation of stage reactants or products, side reactions at one or multiple stages, residual solvent(s)/reagents, etc. Impurity formation is fuelled by non-ideal reaction or workup conditions and are a function of the reaction environment. Degradation of material (either intermediates or final product) is an additional source of impurities and is controlled by careful handling and storage.

Our team at Anant has the experience and the expertise to delve into the synthesis of these impurities and reference standards through bespoke synthesis and have the track record to show for it. All compounds are completely and unambiguously characterized by mass and NMR spectrometries whilst the purity is ascertained by HPLC, using reported (in pharmacopeia) methods or method development is undertaken in case of new products. Our website lists all the impurities that we have synthesized and supplied over the years. Do contact us for a list of our impurities and services we offer and let us build a lasting relationship.

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